Why Get Pre Genetic Testing?

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis​​ helps to identify certain genetic defects in embryos that are created during in-vitro fertilization. Thanks to this test, it is possible to avoid to pass on some disorders or diseases to the baby. After collecting and fertilizing an egg, we will extract some cells when the embryo has begun to develop. These cells are examined in order to detect the presence of genes that might be problematic.

If the embryo is free of any genetic defects, it is placed in the uterus so that it can be implanted. Any additional embryo that has no genetic defects can be frozen for its further use. Meanwhile, the ones that show genetic defects, will be destroyed.

What are the Benefits and Limitations of PGT and CCS?

Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) consists in analyzing, selecting and transferring those embryos that have the ideal amount of chromosomes. This way of analyzing the embryos beforehand helps to improve the implantation rate and thus, reduce pregnancy losses. This technique has been very helpful to women over 35 and women who have had some miscarriages.

By picking the embryos with the ideal amount of chromosomes, many pathologies such as aneuploidy can be avoided. Aneuploidy is a condition by which the embryo has too much or very few chromosomes that causes more than the 60% of spontaneous miscarriages. It is the most common process failure in in-vitro fertilization. CCS allows the identification of the most viable embryos for the transference. This way, we can transfer less embryos and avoid the risk of multiple pregnancy.

What are the benefits and limitations of PGT and CCS?

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis​​ allows us to evaluate more than a 100 of different genetic conditions. ​​Thanks to this technique, our team can guarantee a better opportunity of healthy pregnancies for couples who otherwise would not have the opportunity to get a biological baby. Those women who carry chromosomal disorders, women over 35 and women with previous miscarriages, are the ideal candidates for the PGT test.

However, a PGT test does not discard all the risks of developing a genetic disorder in the fetus. CCS tests are a great help for patients over 35, considering that the risk of chromosomal failures increases at that age.

Even so, you have to take into account that there can be a false positive or a false negative, because only a few cells are evaluated.

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