Affordable Fertility Care

Discover our Affordable Fertility Care Program

Every intended parent should be able to fulfill their dream of creating their own family, regardless of their financial situation, or their gender.

Let's be honest. Dealing with infertility can be unfair and frustrating, and the cost of fertility treatments can be hard for your family when it's about to start its path. Medicines, displacements, the treatments themselves... Fertility problems can carry extra costs that demolish the family economy. You should invest your money in the new room or store it in college savings.

We want to make sure everyone has the same opportunity to make their dream of parenthood a reality. At Global Fertility and Genetics, our mission is to ensure that this is a comfortable trip and we will love to guide you through your family building process. To fulfill this dream we have created a program that allows you to finance the different Fertility Treatments that each case needs, because every family is different.

An opportunity designed for you

The GFG-AFC Program focuses on providing a financial plan for our patients when health insurance fails to cover our treatments. This is an income-based program for qualifying patients that will make the payment more comfortable.

If you wish to participate in our program we will be happy to help. Please provide your contact information and one of our dedicated staff members will contact you with more information regarding the application process.