Male Gay Parenting

Our Fertility Treatments for Male Gay Parents

Male couples will need an egg donor, a Gestational Carrier and a In Vitro Fertilization Treatment in the road to Parenthood. Some of the questions that gay couples must consider are:

Who will donate the eggs?
Whose sperm will be used?
Who will gestate the baby?

All these questions can be answered with the help of our team.


Egg Donation

In this practice a woman agrees to bear the couple’s child. Surrogacy is a method we offer to help male couples. Throughout this process, there are some medical and legal aspects that you will have to take into account. We will help you in every step. There are two models.

On one hand we have the traditional substitution mode, where the donor will be the baby’s biological mother, since it is her ovum that is going to be fertilized. On the other hand we have the Gestational carriers, who don’t have any genetic implication with the child. The ovums will be obtained from donors and fertilized with in-vitro fertilization. The fertilized embryo will be transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

This mode will lead to a less complex legal image, since the baby is genetically linked to the intended parents and not to the surrogate. Our team will assist you with all the legal planification and the localization of donors and surrogates.

Egg Donation is an imprescindible step for a male couple’s goal towards parenthood. The donated egg is fertilized with a partner's semen or with donated semen.

This process also requires In Vitro Fertilization. Our donors have to pass a 5-step process through the egg donation. This process includes exhaustive tests that assures the optimal health condition of the donor.

We want to make this journey as sweet as possible. Some couples want to share their ideal candidate with the donor or meet her in order to establish a relationship. This is possible and our team will help you fulfill this wish.