Acupuncture and Nutrition

At Global Fertility and Genetics, we want to make sure we provide our patients with all the possible treatments and information to ensure a smooth fertility journey.

Combining Eastern and Western medicine seems key for most people. Treatments such as acupuncture have proven to enhance conception rates by 26%. Acupuncture helps increase the blood flow in the uterus and assists in relieving stress for all our mothers to be. Cortisol is released when people are under stress. This then creates in imbalance in the brain’s neurochemical properties, changing hormone levels and disrupting the pituitary balance that is key to the reproductive cycle. Acupuncture alleviates this stress and helps maintain internal balance.

Diet has also been known to influence fertility. Grains, vegetables, fish, and foods high in unsaturated fats, are known to improved fertility in both women and men. Current evidence shows that saturated fats, and sugar have been associated with poorer fertility outcomes in women and men.

Our physicians will consider your needs during your fertility journey and will develop the plan most suited for you!