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Global Fertility & Genetics of New York is the city’s top reproductive endocrinology and infertility center, specializing in customized fertility treatment and helping patients from around the world achieve their dream of building a family. Every Global Fertility & Genetics patient receives individualized, quality, and cost-effective fertility treatment. Our staff devotes itself to helping patients from around the world overcome their infertility challenges through state-of-the-art Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Treatment plans respect each patient’s personal and medical needs, as well as their ethical, religious, and lifestyle beliefs.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Andrea Vidali
Dr. Andrea Vidali

Dr. Andrea Vidali is a reproductive surgeon with specialties in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility and Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Dr. Kevin Doody

Dr. Kevin Doody has served as chair of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology Registry committee and has served as SART President.

Dr. Glen Moodie

Dr.Glen Moodie was awarded his Ph.D. in Animal Physiology from the University of Minnesota for his studies on the cryopreservation of sheep oocytes and ovarian tissue.

Dr. Jeff Pan
Dr. Jeff Pan

Dr. Jeff Pan is the Embryology Assistant Lab Director, he has been an embryologist in the industry of Assisted Reproduction Medicine for more than 20 years.

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International Medical Program

Global Fertility & Genetics welcome patients from abroad. We have designed a Medical Tourism Program to provide those who do not have access to the latest state-of-art infertility treatment. This specialized program allows us to work with our patients directly at our very own Global Fertility & Genetics Infertility Diagnostic Center (GFG IDC) centers located nationwide throughout China. In addition, GFG collaborates with China Club ( to provide premier white glove service to all of our visiting patients and their friends and families. China club offers GFG patients exclusive access to the best New York has to offer in order to customize your stay while in treatment.

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